Backstage Bestsellers: Ukuleles

Our current best selling instruments of all are the ukuleles. This instrument has become extremely popular in the past couple of years especially being used by many big pop artists as well as in TV-shows such as “America’s Got Talent”.
It is one of the easier instruments to start out on if you’re new to playing music. It only has 4 strings which naturally make it a lot simpler than the guitar as there are fewer notes to focus on at the same time and the smaller neck is definitely another advantage when starting out on a string instrument. AND THEY’RE SO MUCH FUN!

  1. Our $99.99 Concert Ukuleles
    They come in all types of woods, colors and edgings! There are Concert Ukulele 994 different ukulele sizes; soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. The soprano being the smallest and the baritone being the absolute biggest (almost like a small 4-string guitar). The concert Concert Ukulele 99 Redbeing bigger than the soprano brings a fuller sound that really makes the price difference a minor detail. Most of our concert ukuleles are made of mahogany which just makes the sound even warmer and fuller and if not sapele is another popular wood for ukuleles that is closely comparable to mahogany both in sound and looks.
  2. Our $59.99 Soprano Ukuleles
     Soprano Ukulele 59The soprano ukulele is the most traditional ukulele size. Most of our $59.99 soprano ukuleles are made of sapele so they are the same quality as our concert ukuleles but being smaller you get a smaller scale length and the sound is sharper. This size is great for children as they won’t have any issue reaching around it but also speaks to adults looking for a brighter tone.
  3. Our $39.99 soprano UkulelesSoprano Ukulele 39
     Same concept as our $59.99 soprano ukuleles except they’re made of linden, a less expensive wood than mahogany and sapele. These ukuleles won’t give you the greatest tone or full sound but they are great for the beginner who isn’t looking to spend much on a first-time ukulele.
  4. Our $129.99 Acoustic/Electric Concert Ukuleles
    Acoustic/electric ukuleles are perfect for the performing musician. With the electronic option come so many different sound options, especially if you have the right amplifier. Most of our A/E ukuleles are made with a mahogany body (our favorite) and with the concert size they really bring a full sound to the board. They come with a basic equalizer and built in tuner. This is definitely our “best value” ukuleles in the store.

    Concert AE         fly31

    Another little tip is hooking this uke up to the Blackstar FLY 3 amp (mentioned in our blog bout amplifiers) for easy portability as it can be battery operated for outdoor use and it gives the option of adding delay for a change in sound. Fun little setup to play around with! Reaqd more here;

We do also carry tenor and baritone ukuleles; however, they are mainly requested by the intermediate or advanced players. Both will bring an even fuller sound than the concert ukuleles and they tune differently than the soprano or concert ukes. Still just as much fun as any other type ukulele.

Our best selling ukulele accessories are definitely the ukulele gigbags! They come in many different colors, motives and materials and they go for only $34.99! Bring your ukulele anywhere! Gigbags

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