Backstage Bestsellers: Acoustic Guitars

As a little guide to which ones of our products are the most sought after we’ve collected some of our most popular items from the recent past. This time around we’re going to take a closer look at our Acoustic Guitars.

  1. The Jasmine JO36 (by Takamine)
    The Jasmine JO36 is no doubt our bestselling guitar over the past 6 months. Mainly because you can’t beat the price of a decent full size JO36-NAT_6002beginner guitar. Going for only $146.00 the JO36 comes with a spruce top, sapele back and sides and your standard rosewood fret-board that all together bring a nice balanced sound. It has a slim neck profile which again is great for beginners who may or may not have trouble reaching around the neck while playing. In this price range you’re hardly going to get anything outstanding but all together the Jasmine JO36 is a great place to start!
  2. The Washburn C5/C5CE Classical Guitar
    In general Washburn is definitely one of our all time favorite brands, not to mention it is the oldest guitar manufacturer of the United States (Est. 1883), going C5strong for 135 years.
    The Washburn C5 & C5CE is much like the Jasmine JO36 a good quality guitar for the money.
    The C5 being straight acoustic for only $109.00 and the C5CE being Acoustic-Electric (EVT pre-amp) for just $149.00! Another similarity is the spruce top, however the back and sides of the C5’s are made with Catalpa (a type of wood much similar to spruce) which again gives a nice semi-bright balanced tone. Combined with the smooth, full tone of nylon strings, these guitars will meet the needs of demanding classical & flamenco players alike.
    Coincidently, classical guitars have found a home with beginners due to the easy on the fingers feel of the low tension nylon strings. Regardless of your ability, a Washburn classical guitar will help you reach the loftiest of musical goals.
  3. The Washburn WLO12SE A/E Solid Top
    Looking at a higher quality guitar the Washburn WLO12SE Acoustic Electric guitar is definitely the first guitar we would recommend to anybody wanting to or already playing guitar. It’s full Mahogany body and solid top gives a beautiful warm and full sound. And to top it off it has a Fishman Isys+ 301T preamp system with built in tuner. WLO12SEThis guitar sounds excellent both acoustic and amplified. On average any professional guitarist walking into our store falls for this guitar right away. Its low action makes it super easy for your fingers to maneuver around the fret-board. AND it is only priced at $369.00! For anyone buying a guitar, whether beginner or advanced, this is a guitar you won’t outgrow for a long time if ever!
  4. The Washburn EA15ATB A/E (solid top)ea15atb.jpg
     The Washburn EA15ATB is another great guitar. It is in the price range of a beginner guitar but has a lot more to offer. It is part of the Washburn Festival series that was designed to address the needs of the performing musician and it has succeeded for over 25 years. The Festival series was the standard acoustic/electric guitar seen on MTV’s “Unplugged” series and has since become one of the best selling and most copied guitars on the market. A large body teamed up with quality electronics, hardware, and fine woods allows the pristine, crystaline highs to blend perfectly with a full, well rounded low end.
    Not only does the Washburn EA15ATB bring a beautiful sound and built in electronics but is has the most beautiful flamed maple top with a tobacco-burst glossy finish which many of our customers find appealing when picking out one of our guitars.
    Summarizing: Acoustic guitar with built in electronics and a flamed maple top for only $249.00 – now that’s a steal!
  5. The Jasmine JC23 (¾ size classical guitar for kids)
    JC23This ¾ size guitar is our leading seller for kids starting out. The right size guitar is always important in order to be comfortable while playing and the nylon strings are easy on the fingers which lead to being able to practice for longer periods than with steal strings while building up calluses on the fingertips. Of course remember that the sound difference between nylon and steel stings is an acquired taste. This little Jasmine goes for $109.00 so another affordable guitar to start out with.

Next up we will take a closer look at our best selling amps and what guitars go well with them.
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