Washburn Winner


The 135th Anniversary Made In the U.S.A. Revival Solo Dreadnought (RSD135-D) is an all-solid Sitka spruce and mahogany model based on Washburn’s WB_RSD135D_SS_110117rare 1937 (Model 5246) Dreadnought. Only 135 of these guitars will be produced, and they are being made at Washburn’s custom shop with a body shape drawn from a direct tracing of the 1937 model. Using a solid Sitka spruce top and scalloped-X “moonwood” European spruce bracing, along with African mahogany, the tone is loud and rich. It revives much of the original’s aesthetics, featuring a Washburn “smile” bridge, Revival ‘30s style headstock and Solo Dreadnought tortoise pickguard. Designed to optimize player comfort, the Solo D is built with a neutral-C shaped neck and Graptech Ratio-tuned tuners. Each guitar will be have a serial number from 1883-2018, representing Washburn’s 135 years of making great guitars. This model comes with an arched-top hardshell case for protection and storage.

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