Clarinet Craze

So your child has been playing clarinet for a couple years and you’re wondering what type of wood one to upgrade them to? Look no further than this post, where we will break down two of the most popular intermediate wood clarinets.

First, is the Buffet Crampon E11. Buffet is known worldwide for their amazing wood clarinet craftsmanship, and that is no different with the E11. Free blowing and a high quality hand finish, with a strong heritage. Constructed by traditional methods, combining technology and experience. Manufactured by Buffet Crampon, in specially dedicated German workshops in Markneukirchen.


Because this produced and widely used around Europe, bc2501_01_rit is pitched in 442hz instead of the American 440hz. This is important to keep in mind as it will affect the tuning of the instrument and the player will most likely be sharp if not adjusted.

The Buffet E11 is made entirely of stained African Black wood with silver plated keys.


Next we are featuring the Yamaha YCL-450N. Yamaha is also an outstanding brand for instruments, know for both their woodwind and brass production. This intermediate clarinet is designed to make the step up from your student model smooth and enjoyable.972a76af9602465c8d4accf01aee9902_12073_735x735_90df269f7432529eb8cce4e8a2c77f1c


Yamaha is a brand widely used in America, so it is pitched in the American 440hz. This should produce a more in tune pitch than its German counterpart.

The Yamaha YCL-450N is made of Grenadilla wood with nickel plated keys.

We currently have one of each of these clarinets in stock. Please come visit us today to see which of these clarinets is the right direction for you and your student today!

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