Smart Start

You have probably wondered when a good time to start music lessons would be? The quick answer is; there is no set age as the magic age to start formal lessons. However before enrolling your child in a lesson program there are certain observation you should do first.
Does your child show any interest in musical instruments? If you notice that your child is gravitating to be percussive, strumming a guitar or playing a piano then that might be signal that music lessons could be right for your child. But also keep in mind that there’s a big difference between fooling around and actually wanting to learn how to play music. You may find the child thinks it wants to play something, but as soon as they get started, their interest level wanes. This is a natural occurrence in some children, so make sure the interest is definitely there.
Our experience is that this interest usually starts showing from 6 years and up and escalates in their teenage years.
Figure out how committed your child really is. Is it you or your child who wants them to take lessons? One of the best ways to understand your child’s commitment level is to have an honest conversation with your child alone. Explain to your child what learning an instrument involves. Music lessons can include going to regular classes usually every week, spending the time to get to and from those lessons, then, taking the time to practice every week. Like anything it’s a commitment if you want to excel.
Usually knowing the basics in math and the alphabet is a huge help when learning beginning music theory. If your child is not in school yet the learning process will be focused more on motion and muscle memory rather than “knowing why” and is mainly meant for the child to get a taste for music.
HOWEVER, the most important thing is that the child has fun! Playing music is supposed to be an enjoyable time and not a chore.

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