From Violin to Mandolin

For violinists playing the mandolin has instant rewards. Given that they have the exact same tuning (G, D, A, E) makes it incredibly easy to convert from one to the other. Of course switching the motion in the right hand can be a bit of a challenge but our experience is that it isn’t a very hard step to conquer with a little bit of dedication. Start with the pick, hold out your right hand totally relaxed, not anticipating the pick being placed. Then insert the pick and grasp it with as little movement as possible, so that you’re changing yourself as little as you can. Allow your right hand to flop over the strings and see where that gets you. The heel of your palm should rest just behind the bridge. You’re trying to get as far up as you can without muting the string, because the sweet spot is where the fingerboard ends.
Like playing any other instrument it’s simply a matter of muscle memory.
However, going from mandolin to violin can definitely seem harder as the violin doesn’t have any frets to follow and is entirely played with the help of muscle memory. But the theory is exactly the same. The best part about going between the two is that they each give you a new perspective on how to play either one. Once you master one instrument moving on the next is not as hard as you would think.

We currently have a big variety of both instruments in stock so if you feel adventures we can definitely make it happen for you!
(561) 477-4800

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