Super Sizing

BLOGPicking out the right guitar can be a hassle if you don’t know what to look for. It is however very important that you pick the right guitar from the very beginning as it can be a big setback in the learning process if the instrument isn’t comfortable to play. But fear not! Here is our guide on how to pick out the right guitar for your child:
First thing you need to look for is the right size. Most kids between the ages of 6 to 12 should not go any bigger than a ¾ size guitar, a parlor guitar or a folk style guitar. The child needs to be able to reach comfortably over the body when strumming for easy play-ability. Choosing between acoustic or electric is mainly a matter of taste though one of the advantages of the acoustic guitar is the easy accessibility – you can play it anywhere!
Secondly the string material is another important thing to consider. When first learning how to play the guitar your fingers will be sore until enough calluses built up on the fingertips. We therefore recommend picking a classical guitar as they have nylon strings that are softer on the fingers than steel strings. If choosing steel strings make sure you get a lighter gauge strings to start with (10’s or 11’s are usually good).
Last but not least it is very important that you make sure the action on the guitar is low. The action on a guitar is the space between the strings and fret-board. A high action will make it harder to press down the strings and be rough on your fingers.

Keep these tips in mind and we guarantee that you won’t go completely wrong when choosing your child’s first guitar!


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