Embark on Exotic Woods

New at backstage music! We’ve always carried Ukuleles, but now we have several models that use exotic woods from all over the world.

These different woods change the tone and make each sound completely unique.

Image may contain: guitar

The two ukuleles above have a solid zebra wood body. Zebrawood is less dense than many other woods, but it still produces a beautiful sound. These ukuleles produce a nice full sound, with dark overtones.

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We also carry ukuleles in various other woods. Mahogany is a popular choice for many stringed instruments. Our mahogany ukuleles have a very strong rich sound, that does not allow many of the overtimes to shine through. This is why the sound of many mahogany instruments¬† is often described as being very ‘direct’.

Koa is a very common wood used for ukuleles. It is similar to the sound of mahogany, but typically sounds brighter. It is very responsive on our instruments, producing the sound immediately after strumming, as the material does not absorb many of the sound waves.

Spruce is a softer, usually lighter colored wood. It is known for being loud and bright, but not harsh. It is known as having the best dynamic range of the woods.

Stop by our store to try one of them out, or contact us with any questions. backstagemusic@gmail.com or (561)477-4800

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