Band Camp Beats

The school year is quickly coming to an end but that does not mean we all get to put our band instruments in the closet and forget about them for three months. Summer months mean a change of pace for our high school and college musicians. Start prepping for band camp now so that when the countless hours of rehearsals begin you will already be prepared.

First on the list is a flip folio.

flip folio


This is to hold all of your stands and halftime music in performance and rehearsal. The music is shrunken down to fit perfectly in the double sided sleeves. For all of our flutists and piccolo players we have the ‘Flutist’s Friend’ which is specifically for flute players to attach to their arm for easy access to the music. We also sell individual blank pages to add so that all of your music will fit.

Basic Flip Folio: $5.99

Flutist’s Friend: $14.99

Extra Sleeves: $0.79 each

Next you’ll be needing a Lyre to attach your flip folder with.


These are specific to each instrument and we carry them all. They range in prices, from $6.99-$9.95.

Check out our previous posts about cleaning your instruments to make sure that they stay in tip top shape through the heat and sun here and here.

To see all of these products and more come visit us in store or on our website at:


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