Recipe for Repair

Here at Backstage Music Boca, we have repaired hundreds of instruments and continue to get more each day. Our teachers and technicians are capable of dealing with even the most unusual of instruments.

Recently a customer brought in a Syrian Oud for a string change and a tune up.

Both acoustic and electric guitars, ukuleles, violins, mandolins and more can all be brought in for basic string changes and tune ups. Repairs on instruments are also possible on an as seen basis. We’ve repaired electric guitars, violins, ukulele’s and more.
Minor cracks in this ukulele can be repaired in just a few days by our technicians.

Along with string instruments we also do repairs on a variety of classical band and orchestra instruments as well as guitar and bass amps.

Stop by today to get a quote for your repair. Don’t let the summer go by without getting all of your instruments back into tip top shape.


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