Polyphony for Prince

All of us here at Backstage Music Boca were at such a loss for words when we heard of the passing of the great artist Prince. And in his honor, we brought in three gorgeous Prince inspired guitars.

Hagstrom Super Swede Tremar in Silver Sparkle

hagstrom silver sparkle.png

The new Hagstrom Tremar Vibrato sets a new standard which concerns design and functionality, also featuring a mahogany neck and body.

Hagstrom Super Swede in Champagne Sparkle

The Hagstrom Super Swede has been considered one of Hagstrom’s flagship models, since it was first introduced to the world back in the late 1970’s.

Each Super Swede is crafted using a mahogany body, maple top, and set mahogany neck.

The Super Swede’s 25.5” scale length, provides a brighter tone and longer sustain which makes a wonderful instrument for players looking for more flexibility than any single cut guitar can offer. The Super Swede naturally features Hagstrom’s own renowned H-Expander Truss rod providing an ultimately stable neck that will not warp or twist, and also being topped with Hagstrom’s own Resinator Fret board material for increased sustain and even tone throughout the entire fret board.

Hagstrom Swede Mahogany Electric in Arctic Silverhagstrom arctic silver.png

This guitar has a fat tone, powerful attack, and two additional tone filters for a wide range of tones, made possible by its mahogany neck and body.


Come in and try out these beautiful instruments for yourself, or check out these and more at our website: http://www.backstagemusicnetwork.com/Default.asp

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