Mind and Melody

Every day there is a new article coming out about why music is good for our children, and yet arts programs are still being cut left and right. Even if our children are not fortunate enough to get a music class in school, private lessons are still a great option.

Private lessons are not just for young aspiring violinists and 6 year old piano prodigies. Music lessons are beneficial to people of all ages. Here at Backstage Music Boca, our teachers have taught children as young as 4 years old and adults upwards of 70. From true beginners to college audition prep, our teachers can handle it all.


Ten Ways Musical Training Boosts Brain Power

  1. Improves verbal memory and childhood literacy
  2. Babies who have music lessons smile more and communicate better
  3. Benefits brain plasticity throughout a lifespan
  4. Trained musicians have superior multi-sensory processing skills
  5. Improves white matter connectivity
  6. Increases blood flow in the brain
  7. Improves executive function
  8. Thickens gray matter of the cortex
  9. Reduces academic achievement gaps
  10. Orchestrates coordinated neuroplasticity in the aging brain


Call us today to schedule your appointment for private lessons. We offer lessons for all instruments including woodwind, brass, percussion, strings, piano, guitar and more! http://www.backstagemusicnetwork.com/Default.asp

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