Spick and Span

Working with schools and children for much of our thirty year career, we’ve learned that there is one lesson that is definitely lacking: cleaning. Here are some of our tried and true ways to keep your instruments spick and span.

clarinet cleaning

For Woodwind Instruments

Always swab out your instruments after every use. This will keep spit built up from ripping and dissolving your pads. Grease corks weekly to prevent corks from tearing. Always remove your reed before putting away your instrument. Try to keep as much moisture away from these instruments as possible.

For Brass Instruments

Oil valves and grease slides regularly to prevent sticking and ‘freezing’. Always gently twist in mouthpieces and do not ‘hit’ or ‘pop’ them into place. If the mouth piece gets stuck, do not take it into your own hands to remove it. Take it immediately to the band director or repair man, they have a special tool to safely remove it without hurting any part of the instrument.

For All Instruments

Do not chew gum, eat or drink soft drinks just before or while you play your instrument. Food particles and sugar are difficult to dislodge and eventually will affect the playing qualities. If possible, rinse your mouth with water before playing.  If you stop for a break or end your playing session; put your instrument back into the case. Avoid laying the instrument down unprotected. Unless your case has a proper compartment, it is not advisable to carry books, music, papers or other large objects in the case.


We have an assortment of cleaning products and kits for all instruments both in store and online ranging from $8-$15:


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