Retro Rave

Luna has three 50’s inspired ukes: Daddy-O, Pink Martini and Radioactive. As hip as the retro design and slang that inspired them, whether you’re cooling it or cranked, they promise to be a blast to play. Dig it?

From right to left: Pink Martini, Radioactive, and Daddy-O


Each ukulele has a rosewood fingerboard and mahogany top, neck and body for a rich full sound. They are full 23 inch concert size ukuleles with aquila strings, perfect for live or recorded performance. Each 50’s inspire Uke features its own detailed graphics with a satin finish. Word from the bird is that you will be on cloud 9 when you play one of these fly ukes.

We currently have all three styles available in store for just $129.99 each! Pick up your favorite pattern or buy all three to start a rockin’ ukulele trio. Come in today to take a closer look or try one of them out for yourself or check our website for these and other great ukuleles:




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