Get Keen on Keyboards

We’ve got two new keyboards in store that have got everyone inspired to play. Both models are Korg brand, a USA based company that’s been manufacturing quality instruments for over fifty years.

The SP280 model is a great choice for a digital piano that mimics the sound and feel of any acoustic piano. This piano includes thirty different sound choices and three different sound effects. Layering and splitting are also sound options with this keyboard. With two headphone jacks and two amplifiers this piano can fill an entire home with music or just your ears. This keyboard features weighted keys to copy the feel and nuance of a traditional acoustic piano without the footprint. ThSP280 also includes a pedal and attachable sheet music stand. This kit is offered in store for $699.



Our other new option is the B1SP. This is an entry level digital piano with weighted keys and a standard three pedal unit. This is a great option for a home or apartment and is reliable for at home practice or performance. Has a beautiful traditional piano sound and includes a stand, a music stand, and an AC adapter for the pedals. We offer this unit in store for $499. kor-b1spbk_front

You can also purchase a Korg piano bench to accompany these fine digital pianos in store for an additional $99.

Check out these products and many more at

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